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sergey dorodny

1965 was born. 1965-1989 - kept painting but had never thought of making painting my profession. 1989 3 months after graduation from the Moscow Institute of Management made a decision to become an artist. 1995-1996 almost by occasion get to Zhenya Stasenko's studio and study there. Has taken part in exhibitions since 1991.

  • exhibitions:

    1991-1994 - cooperate with M'Ars art gallery, the most well-known gallery of contemporary art in Moscow at that time.

    2000 - started cooperation with "Harmony of Contrasts" art gallery which is without any doubts the best gallery in Moscow as it represents paintings by A. Zverev, M. Birstein, Katya Medvedeva, A. Buh, A. Pozdeev and many others.

    2002 - BAUMANSKAYA SCHOOL OF PAINTING (S. Dorodny, N. Kalyagina, B. Norstein, S. Ovsyannikov, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, S. Sutiagina, A. Shevchenko), Moscow, Russia


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