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evgeniy stasenko

Was born in 1958 in Budapest, Hungary. In 1984 graduated from The Department of Fine and Graphic Arts of The Moscow Pedagogical College. Member of the International Association of Artists and Critics since 1991. Member of the International Art Foundation since 1998. Has taken part in exhibitions since 1985. He is founder of BAUMANSKAYA school of painting. Among his students are such artists as Konstantin Sutiagin, Alexander Shevchenko, Sergey Dorodny. The author of the web-book IZOSTUDIYA (www.artschool.forum.ru). In 2006 Stasenko's CV is published in WHO IS WHO in Russia. His art is presented in collections in Russia, USA, Greece, Germany and France.

  • exhibitions:

    1990 - A STRIPE. B. Norshtein, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko. - Exhibition hall of State Economy Institute, Moscow, Russia
    - "LA TRADITION RUSSE" auction in Paris.
    - The 20-th Youth exhibition, Moscow
    - "The Mars" gallery, Moscow
    - "Visit" gallery, Moscow

    1991 - Republican exhibition of the Union of Artists.- Manege, Moscow, Russia
    - "Arbat 34" gallery, Moscow - S.Peterson, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko.
    - TO SAVE THE BEAUTEOUSNESS OF THE WORLD - 12, Razina str., Moscow

    1993 - Individual exhibition with S.Peterson - 11, Kuznetsky Bridge, Moscow

    1996 - DIE KRAFT DER STILLE. - Hildesheim State Art Museum, Germany (catalogue)
    - ART-KONTOR. - Contemporary Art Museum Frankfurt, Germany (catalogue)

    1997 - TWO FACES OF BUDDHISTIC MOSCOW. with I.Baldano - centre of culture "Colorit" Moscow
    - TWO FACES OF BUDDHISTIC MOSCOW. with I.Baldano - Russian centre of culture, Budapest
    - LA NOUVELLE ASIE. with I.Baldano - "Third Way" Moscow

    1999 - TEN YEARS HAVE GONE FOR NOTHING - (With S.Safonov, V.Stain, K. Sutiagin and A. Shevtchenko) - Moscow

    2001 - TO ALLOW IT TO BE... - Individual exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow

    2003 - PARALLEL WORLDS - Individual exhibition with S.Peterson, S.Peterson gallery, Moscow

    2007 - First Moscow International Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, CEH Manezh, Moscow

    2007 - MAHARAJAH'S SPASE - Moscow House of Artists


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