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konstantin sutiagin

Was born in Ufa, Russia on January 3, 1964. Graduated from Ufa State Institute of Art (1981 — 1986). Member of the International Association of Artists and Critics since 1991. Member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1995. Member of the International Art Foundation since 1997. Has taken part in exhibitions since 1988.

  • group exhibitions. selected:

    1990 — A STRIPE. B. Norshtein, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko. — Exhibition hall of State Economy Institute, Moscow, Russia

    1991 — Republican exhibition of the Union of Artists.— Manege, Moscow, Russia — Moscow Young Artists.— Warsaw, Poland

    1996 — DIE KRAFT DER STILLE. — Hildesheim State Art Museum, Germany (catalogue)
    — ART-KONTOR. — Contemporary Art Museum Frankfurt, Germany (catalogue)
    — ÀRT-ÌÀNEGE.— Manege, Moscow, Russia (catalogue, buklet, plakat)
    — Decorative Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
    — REALITY INDEX. — Gertsev-gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)

    1997 — ART-SALON'97. — Manege, Moscow, Russia (set of postcards)
    — PAINTERS WRITE, WRITERS PAINT. — State Literature Museum, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)
    — NEW RUSSIA. — State Literature Museum, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)
    — NEW RUSSIA. — Russian Art Museum, New-York, USA (catalogue)
    — WHAT PAINTER WANTED TO SAY. L. Zhukhovicher, I. Kamianiv, N. Krestinina, V. Kuznetsova, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko. — Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia (buklet)

    1998 — VENUS DREAM. — Vostochnaya-gallery Ìîñêâà (buklet)
    — TODAY'S RUSSIAN PAINTINGS - AVANGARDE 1990 - 1998. — Kwangju City Art Museum, Kwangju, Korea (catalogue)
    — TODAY'S RUSSIAN PAINTINGS - AVANGARDE 1990 - 1998. — gallery "Korea", Seul, Korea (catalogue)

    1999 — MOSCOW - PETERSBURG. Republican exhibition of the Union of Artists. — Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

  • individual exhibitions:

    1992 — PRIATKY. — gallery "Expo-88", Moscow (The same name book was published)

    1993 — UNDER THE GLASS. (With E. Vasilieva and A. Shevtchenko). To avoid of a mixtion of art and life, art was presented in closed exhibition hall, so that spectators could see it only through the glass wall, by use of special optics. — Exhibition hall "Tworchestvo", Moscow, Russia (buklet) — gallery "Expo-88", Ìîñêâà
    — POTIOMKIN VILLAGE. — Exhibition hall of the Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia (The same name book was published)

    1994 — IN MEMORY OF THE TUNGUS METEORITE.— School of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia (buklet) — gallery "Expo-88", Moscow
    — gallery "Collection", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia (buklet)

    1995 — gallery "Expo-88", Moscow — MUSIC FESTIVAL FOR DEAFS. 50 t-shirts with texts of popular songs were made, so that the song begun to sound in everyone's head with only one glance on it. 50 guys walked thruogh the deafs crowd and this songs were chewed over everyone's head. — Moscow

    1996 — TO ART. ART - TO FOOTBALL. Dedicated to the opening of the monument of a football. The monument was made of bronze, but was painted so that it looked like a real ball. More then that, this monument was installed without stand, in the park, on the middle of the grass field. Someones, who use to break other monuments tried to hit this bronze ball by their foot... — ãàëåðåÿ "Ýêñïî-88", Ìîñêâà
    — NEW RUSSIAN ARTISTS. The attraction of being an artist today was demonstrated to the youth: two painters, K. Sutiagin and A. Shevtchenko decided to make picturies at the open air. They hire two white "Mercedese 620", driwers, sequirity, driwed to the center of Moscow and begun to paint. Sequirity protect them from walkers and cuirious people. Eweryone enwyed artists. — gallery "Expo-88", Moscow

    1996 — IN MEMORY OF THE UNKNOWN ARTIST. Dedicated to the building of the monument of Unknown artist. — gallery "Expo-88", Moscow, Russia — studio "Dobroliot", St.-Petersburg, Russia — gallery"Zeidal" + GERTSEV-gallery, Colone, Germany (plakat, catalogue)

    1997 — ...E LA NAVE VA. — gallery "Borey", St.-Petersburg, Russia (plakat and the same name book was published)) — FAMOUS ARTISTS - TO UNKNOWN. — Gertsev-gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue) — Bulgarian Culture Center, Moscow 1998 — ÀÂN AMRO-Bank", Moscow branch
    — gallery "Expo-88", Moscow
    — OUR HERITAGE. . Dedicated to the problem of a painting in the times of a contemporary art and to necessity of today's painters to pretend they are a painters of old, previous times, when there was no avantgard. (With E. Gabrielev and A. Shevtchenko). — gallery "Borey", St.-Petersburg, Russia (plakat, buklet)

    1999 - HUPPYNESS. (with ñ A. Shevtchenko) - gallery ÌÈÒÜÊÈ-ÂÕÓÒÅÌÀÑ, St.-Petersburg, Russia (plakat, book)
    - TEN YEARS HAVE GONE FOR NOTHING - (With S.Safonov, V.Stain, E.Stasenko and A. Shevtchenko) - Moscow

    2002 - BAUMANSKAYA SCHOOL OF PAINTING (S. Dorodny, N. Kalyagina, B. Norstein, S. Ovsyannikov, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, S. Sutiagina, A. Shevchenko), Moscow, Russia


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